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Leaf it to us

Top dressing & turf laying

Turf Laying

Leaf It To Us offers a professional lawn turf laying service and are able to provide locally sourced wholesale turf supplies in Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, Lennox Head and all Surrounding suburbs .

We have a skilled team in preparing the area and laying the turf in order to guarantee the best result.

Details For Eyes Helps Us To offer Perfect Results

We know that the job of top dressing demands details for eyes which our experts have. We apply the best quality prepared soil mix as the top dressing on your lawns. At the same time we have expertise in turf laying which allows us to place the turf in a flawless manner on your lawns.

These services can be considered as a part of our lawn treatment service or you can hire our expertise for this job as an individual service too. We will inspect your garden as well as the soil and then determine the right time of turf laying.

Leaf it to us

For more information on our turf laying and top dressing services, you can call us.