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Pruning & tree lopping

Get Perfect Look For Your Garden With Professional Pruning And Tree Lopping

Pruning And Tree Lopping

When you have a garden in your property, you need to maintain it properly. Apart from mowing and watering, there are lots of other treatments that your garden must have to get a well-organized look. Pruning and lopping are among them. These are well-known methods of keeping the shape and size of the trees in control and ensuring their long lives.

Pruning means trimming the overgrown or dead branches of a tree. This is required to keep the shape and size of the tree manageable and appealing. Lopping is also a process of cutting branches from the main body of the tree. The task of pruning trees to shape is not an easy one. Skill and experience are required to perform the task in a neat and clean manner.

Why It Is Necessary

Apart from the aesthetic aspect of the garden, pruning and lopping are also necessary for maintaining the safety of the area. Sometimes, the trees have risky and fragile branches that can damage your assets and harm the lives too. You need to get rid of those branches as soon as possible. In some cases, pruning is necessary as a part of the maintenance of the trees. Old and damaged branches are removed to make the tree prepared for the new and fresh branches.

Our professional tree loppers are highly skilled and well-trained for this job in Byron Bay, Mullumbimby and Lennox Head. They are certified loppers who can carry on the risky task of lopping in a flawless manner. All sized trees and plants can be lopped and pruned as per your specifications. Whether it is the total removal of an old tree or shaping a younger one – we can do everything for you within your budget.

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